Goblins and Gnomes lived in peace for years, thanks to the annual jousting tournament they hosted to fight over privileges for land and resources.

This year the competition was fierce, the scores were tied 9-9, it was down to the last joust.

Gnomeo, a well renowned jouster stepped up for the joust. Grizlex, a newbie by comparison was his opponent. The goblins were determined to win, so much so that they decided to try and sabotage Gnomeo's steed. Fortunately, the Gnomes caught on and decided to abandon the tournament and declare themselves the winners.

The goblins outraged at this decision, vowed to pillage and conquer everything the gnomes owned.

It is now your job to help against the hordes of goblins that seek access into your home.

This game was created by 4 college students pursuing a course in IT and the gaming industry, one of whom is me. I was the one that was in charge of all coding tasks as well as the game itself, I created it from scratch and used some things from the asset store. I will continue to improve this game in my free time until I get to the point where I am satisfied or have run out of ideas. Hopefully you enjoy!

Any and all criticism is appreciated, as this would help me improve the game as I go.

PS: Sorry about the scaling of the main menu!

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